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James E. Thompson Practice Areas

Civil Litigation, Contracts, & Property Disputes

Mr. Thompson and Mr. Ridley together have over 45 years of legal experience representing clients in a broad range of real property matters and civil disputes including: disputes between purchasers and sellers, easements, boundary line disputes, land use, government condemnation cases, recovery of real property, unlawful detainers, breach of contract cases, and civil issues you may be facing. Call Thompson and Ridley today to set up your private consultation.

Business & Corporate Law

Need help setting up an LLC or other type of professional or business entity? Call James E. Thompson or William T. Ridley today for professional legal advice and guidance on ways to protect you and your business from potential liability. We represent businesses and corporations big and small. Let us handle the legal matters while you focus on running your business.

Estate Planning & Probate

No matter what your stage in life, a well-executed estate plan can ensure that your final wishes are carried out.

If you have minor children, it is essential to develop an estate plan that names a guardian to care for your children in the event of your incapacitation or death. In addition to establishing a guardian, many estate plans create a trust and name a trustee to manage money for children until they are mature enough to make smart financial decisions.

Appointing a power of attorney to make financial decisions on your behalf can eliminate the need for family members to obtain a conservatorship should you become unable to manage your finances.

A living will is a legal document that gives you power over your future medical care. This document provides an outlet for you to communicate your wishes regarding end-of-life health care and whether you would like artificial measures used to sustain your life.

Simple Estate Plans: Helping Clients Plan For The Future
Oftentimes, a simple estate plan is all that is needed to protect your family legacy and ensure family heirlooms are safely transferred to the next generation.

If you pass away without a will, Tennessee’s intestacy laws dictate who receives your property. This often results in your property being transferred to a family member you would not choose to leave your property to while excluding other members of your family. By creating a simple will or trust, you can ensure family legacies remain intact and family heirlooms are passed to the appropriate family member. Clearly identifying which family member receives certain properties helps reduce the possibility of family disputes.

Creating an estate plan can potentially reduce the length of probate proceedings saving grieving family members time and money associated with complicated probate administration.


If you have lost a loved one and need legal advice on how to properly finalize their estate or you think you are entitled to property from a relative, come see us at Thompson and Ridley Association of Attorneys.

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